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Advance public safety and situational awareness through data driven design and innovative solutions

Our Approach

We deliver the most reliable, secure, and widely used real-time video sharing ecosystem in the world. We improve interoperability by enabling video stream sharing among unlimited partners and across multiple networks, increasing real-time situational awareness and safety.

Products & Services

Video interoperability

Video Interoperability as a service

Flexible, cloud-based video normalization, management, and sharing services that minimize the on-site footprint and upfront investment.

On-Premise Video Streaming Solutions

Video appliances designed to fit efficiently within your environment without compromising security or network stability.


Claris Live Streaming Protocol (CLSP)

Skyline’s browser-based alternative to Flash Player, built upon HTML 5 technology, that can be used without downloading or installing an external video player.

Video Sharing

Web-Based HTML-Compliant User Portals

Video management and viewing portals that are designed and maintained to latest web standards for all viewing devices.

Claris Mobile

Claris Mobile

Skyline’s vehicle-mounted camera and mobile communications hub that allows organizations to enhance their real-time situational awareness through live video and data feeds.


Restful API Services

A safe, secure, and scalable way to incorporate your video streams and associated meta data with third-party applications.

Our National Reach

Our National Reach

Utilizing web application portals, we provide access to those who need it, when they need it, enabling more efficient operations across many video sources.

Proven Results

3 Presidential Inaugurations

Corpus Christie Hurricane Evacuation Route

5 Baltimore Marathons

Preakness Stakes

Built for Scale During Major Incidents

Skyline’s Ecosystem Solutions

Claris Portal


Web App for Partner Only Video Sharing

The Claris Portal provides web-based access to video content virtually anywhere. Whether out in the field, a government office, or in the police command center, Claris Portal provides a flexible interface to securely view and manage multiple video streams from various systems and networks.  Claris Portal provides organizations with the ability to manage and quickly onboard partner agencies. All participating agencies/partners can view cameras based upon their access rights through a common portal, with no client software requirements or additional licensing fees.

Vero Video Wall


Virtual Video Wall That’s Easy to Share

Vero, Skyline’s Virtual Video Wall, is a powerful collaboration and information-sharing tool. Vero uses your organization’s existing video streams and allows you to customize how you display videos across one or more monitors and video walls. Skyline’s Product Technicians will work with your organization to configure Vero to properly display on your wall monitors. Because Vero is a web-based application, you can log in on-site or remotely and see the same videos and layout as what is showing in your control room.


Easy Video Stream Management

Skyline’s Stream Manager provides an intuitive web portal that allows operators to monitor and manage all video streams within their video ecosystem. This appliance centrally manages updates to stream data for all Skyline video appliances and the Claris Portal, and manages API access for third-party applications. Stream Manager allows you to manage video streams, preview video streams, set third-party permissions, and access reporting and analytic statistics.


Sub-Second HTML5 Compliant Flash Replacement

Skyline created CLSP, an entirely new video stream transport protocol and a true Flash alternative. CLSP is only available through Skyline’s video ecosystem. Skyline designed CLSP specifically to meet the HTML5 requirements for websites and web applications to support real-time live operations, including public safety, incident management, and/or maneuvering PTZ cameras. CLSP’s benefits include:


  • Low Latency – See things as they happen
  • Secure Streams – Assuring your data is safe
  • Dynamic Scalability – Capacity when needed
  • Seamless Integration with Websites & Web Applications – Integration, such as GIS and CAD

Elegant Approach to a Complex Problem

Skyline's Claris video interoperability and sharing

Any Camera, Any Network, Any Device

Any Camera – regardless of manufacturer, protocol or stream size. No need to rip and replace old trustworthy cameras. Includes cellular-based cameras in remote or mobile locations.

Any Network – securely share video streams to people outside the network without compromising network security or stability. Integrates with any existing VMS to complement your existing infrastructure.

Any Device – stream low latency video to any device. Video is delivered in CLSP, RTSP or HLS based upon the device requesting the video.

Normalize, Stream, Manage, Share

Normalize – Convert disparate video streams into a common H.264 compression with the ability for multiple sizes and graphic overlays.

Stream – Replicate a single video stream into thousands of streams simultaneously to any device so that first responders, operations groups, and the public can all see video during high volume events.

Manage – Agencies can easily manage partner access to video streams, meta data, on/off status, and more with full reporting of stream usage.

Share – Enable real-time access to share video with trusted and untrusted partners.

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We understand that ensuring safe and sustainable roadways that allow for mobility of goods and services, economic growth, and enhanced quality of life is critical to the success of transportation organizations. At Skyline, we create powerful relationships with key stakeholders and partners to help you build the ITS network of the future.

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We understand that enriching the lives of residents is your mission. That’s why we created Skyline Government Solutions. We help our government clients create “mission aligned” solutions that transform their technology infrastructure to support the delivery of services and safety to enjoy life within your communities.

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We understand the importance of creating a safe and positive learning environment that allows every student to maximize their potential. We help education clients leverage technology to design solutions to meet their unique needs and challenges.

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Public Safety

Public safety consistently ranks among the top priorities and core missions for elected officials and first responder agencies. Forward-thinking leaders are investing in smart public safety technologies to enhance situational awareness that traditional operational models and infrastructure systems cannot provide.
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Support your business objectives with Skyline’s innovative solutions. We create synergy between legacy systems and emerging technologies allowing you leverage your infrastructure without burdening your team’s resources.


Discover how Skyline can help co-create value for your organization.