Fiber Design & Engineering

Managing and leveraging your fiber assets is just as important as optimizing your other more traditional IT assets.

Our Approach

Effective capacity management, infrastructure resiliency and redundancy, and service availability are critical. Leveraging your existing fiber assets puts you in control of your physical connectivity, allowing you to create the most cost-effective mix of your private fiber assets, augmented with 3rd-party leased services.


Design & Engineering

  • CAD/GIS Fiber Mapping
  • Backbone and Lateral Design
  • Capacity Management

Fiber Construction

  • Aerial and Underground
  • Fiber Construction
  • Fiber Splicing and Testing
  • Construction Oversight

Documentation & Testing

  • OTDR and Power Meter
  • Construction Inspection


  • Fiber Asset Management
  • Service Desk/NOC Integration
  • Fiber Maintenance and Repair

Leverage Fiber

Building blocks to support your mission

Establishing a methodology for documenting your fiber assets and associated services is essential to the long-term accuracy and stability of your fiber infrastructure. We collaborate with states, counties, municipalities, and agencies to help them SAVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in recurring leased costs by optimizing the use and expansion of their fiber assets. By understanding strand-level utilization, clients can more effectively manage their infrastructure’s availability of private fiber-based communications services.

Comprehensive Methodology

Implementing Skyline’s Fiber Asset Management System (FAMS) methodology involves documenting legacy fiber assets while creating a sustainable approach for documenting all new fiber assets as fiber is designed and constructed. By incorporating not only the logical network map, but also the strand utilization map within our solution methodology, Skyline is able to help clients create a common language for effective communication across the network and physical infrastructure teams. This is how Skyline co-creates value for FAMS clients.

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We understand that ensuring safe and sustainable roadways that allow for mobility of goods and services, economic growth, and enhanced quality of life is critical to the success of transportation organizations. At Skyline, we create powerful relationships with key stakeholders and partners to help you build the ITS network of the future.

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We understand that enriching the lives of residents is your mission. That’s why we created Skyline Government Solutions. We help our government clients create “mission aligned” solutions that transform their technology infrastructure to support the delivery of services and safety to enjoy life within your communities.

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We understand the importance of creating a safe and positive learning environment that allows every student to maximize their potential. We help education clients leverage technology to design solutions to meet their unique needs and challenges.

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Public Safety

Public safety consistently ranks among the top priorities and core missions for elected officials and first responder agencies. Forward-thinking leaders are investing in smart public safety technologies to enhance situational awareness that traditional operational models and infrastructure systems cannot provide.
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Support your business objectives with Skyline’s innovative solutions. We create synergy between legacy systems and emerging technologies allowing you leverage your infrastructure without burdening your team’s resources.


Discover how Skyline can help co-create value for your organization.