Advance public safety and situational awareness through data driven design and innovative IT solutions

Transportation Operators

Traffic Operations is an integral part of a successful Intelligent Transportation System. The management of the roadways requires significant planning, oversight, and management of a complex transportation infrastructure with the goal is ensuring your highways are safe and reliable for your citizens. At Skyline, our innovative Transportation Solutions will help you drive results.

Transportation Leadership

As Transportation Leaders, your number one goal is to ensure the safety and quality of life for millions, while supporting the economic prosperity of your state. Technological advances are transforming mobility and creating opportunities to leverage roadways in new and innovative ways. Knowing how to maximize your ITS infrastructure is the challenge many CIOs face. At Skyline, our Transportation Solutions and industry experts help Transportation Leaders leverage their people, processes, and ITS technologies to drive results.

Transportation Solutions

Data Driven Design

Improve public safety and increase the movement of goods services across the state and enhance your ability to manage roads with Skyline’s Transportation Solutions. Create powerful relationships with districts and partners as we help you build the network of the future.

Skyline Solutions

Network Engineering

We understand that a robust communications infrastructure is key to delivering your business solutions. Our certified experts can handle these challenges and will design an intelligent networking solution for your organization.

Managed Services

Our team of certified engineers provides the flexibility and reliability you need to operate efficiently and effectively, giving you the freedom to focus on your mission.

Video Interoperability and Sharing

We deliver the most reliable, secure, real-time video sharing ecosystem. Improve interoperability by enabling video sharing among unlimited partners and across multiple networks, increasing situational awareness and safety.


With the speed of technological change, it’s difficult to keep pace with the evolving cybersecurity landscape. Skyline recognizes that technology alone will not protect against cyber threats.


We are one of a select few IT services organizations that has built statewide fiber and data communications infrastructure to maximize cost effectiveness and reduce the time required to achieve broadband goals.

Physical Security & Access Control

Protecting personnel and property from harm is of paramount importance. We implement and maintain a range of physical security solutions, including Video Surveillance, Access Control and Intercom Systems.

Fiber Design & Engineering

Leveraging your existing fiber assets puts you in control of your physical connectivity, allowing you to create the most cost-effective mix of your private fiber assets, augmented with 3rd-party leased services.

Mobile Communications

Skyline’s Mobile Video (MV) solution combines a ruggedized PTZ camera with a versatile mobile communications hub to provide agencies real-time video and data for situational awareness anywhere that needs a camera.

Skyline's Transportation Solutions By the Numbers

Cameras Installed

Cameras Managed




field communication architecture

Field Communications Architecture

DOT customers have a unique asset at their disposal, fiber. Creating a common underlaying communications architecture that leverages the broad array of possible communications (private fiber, wireless, leased services), enables our DOT customers to maximize their ROI and support network function virtualization. Maximizing the State’s roadways for establishing “Information Highways” will require retooling purpose-built solutions, ensuring full utilization and valuation of fiber, and creating redundancy and resiliency. That’s where Skyline can help. Our Transportation Experts helped Maryland build their “One Maryland Broadband Network” with over 1,200 miles of fiber supporting over 1,000 state, county, K-12, higher education, and library locations. We understand how to unleash the value of your fiber and can help you create a “mission aligned” common underlay and overlay architecture strategy.


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