Public Safety

Advance public safety and situational awareness through data driven design and innovative solutions

Response Center Leadership

Implement next-gen 911 through our innovative ecosystem and video solutions.

First Responders

Our solutions will provide accurate and timely information to simplify your response and workflows.

Skyline Solutions

Network Engineering

We understand that a robust communications infrastructure is key to delivering your business solutions. Our certified experts can handle these challenges and will design an intelligent networking solution for your organization.


With the speed of technological change, it’s difficult to keep pace with the evolving cybersecurity landscape. Skyline recognizes that technology alone will not protect against cyber threats.

Managed IT

Managed Services

Our team of certified engineers provides the flexibility and reliability you need to operate efficiently and effectively, giving you the freedom to focus on your mission.

Video Ecosystem

Video Interoperability and Sharing

We deliver the most reliable, secure, real-time video sharing ecosystem. Improve interoperability by enabling video sharing among unlimited partners and across multiple networks, increasing situational awareness and safety.


We are one of a select few IT services organizations that has built statewide fiber and data communications infrastructure to maximize cost effectiveness and reduce the time required to achieve broadband goals.

Physical Security & Access Control

Protecting personnel and property from harm is of paramount importance. We implement and maintain a range of physical security solutions, including Video Surveillance, Access Control and Intercom Systems.

Fiber Design & Engineering

Leveraging your existing fiber assets puts you in control of your physical connectivity, allowing you to create the most cost-effective mix of your private fiber assets, augmented with 3rd-party leased services.

Mobile Communications

Skyline’s Mobile Video (MV) solution combines a ruggedized PTZ camera with a versatile mobile communications hub to provide agencies real-time video and data for situational awareness anywhere that needs a camera.

Skyline Advantage

Skyline Advantage

Get peace of mind knowing your important infrastructure is secure, operating, and managed as it should be. Our security maintenance solutions are created to fit your specific business requirements to ensure that system availability is maximized.

Structural Cabling

Our goal of structured cabling is not to do “cable drops,” but to ensure the work we performed enables efficient data communications for customers. We have been providing construction, maintenance services, and installation of copper and fiber optic cable for more than 10 years.


Discover how Skyline can help co-create value for your organization.