Cybersecurity Solutions

Creating a culture of security that harnesses people, process, and technology

Our Approach

Securing your IT infrastructure against cyber threats is critical to the success of your mission. At Skyline, our Cybersecurity Team understands the importance of having a strong Cybersecurity Strategy to reduce risk, increase visibility, and manage the risks inherent in our connected world. Our cyber experts help our customers assess their cyber posture, help establish policies and controls, and define the roadmap and vision for your cybersecurity.



The primary focus is to understand the customer’s current security framework and controls, network security infrastructure, application security, security operations, incident response capabilities, and identify vulnerabilities that would lead to the loss of sensitive data and/or a major customer impact.



Our Cybersecurity Consultants work with clients to identify cybersecurity threats. We start by conducting an inventory of hardware and software assets. We then complete a vulnerability assessment, perform penetration testing, and work with clients to create and implement a cybersecurity policy leveraging CIS Top 20 Critical Controls.


Skyline monitors, manages, patches, and updates client firewalls to bolster perimeter defense. We assume the responsibility for configuring, administering, monitoring, and operating client firewalls. Events and alerts are immediately sent to the SIEM for SOC analysis.

Agility and Growth


Skyline’s EDR Solutions collect, record, and store large volumes of data from user activities, enabling visibility into user activity, thus aiding in detection, investigation, and mitigation of advanced cyber threats.

Unified Security Platform


Skyline monitors anomalous activity in clients’ networks, identifies events, aggregates events into potential incidents, and escalates. We engage in 24x7x365 analysis, using proprietary and industry-leading technologies to produce thorough protection, reduce false positives, and achieve rapid escalation.

Reduced Risk & Increased Visibility

Reduced Risk & Increased Visibility

Skyline’s unique approach to cybersecurity stems from our expertise in managing and monitoring networks. Our comprehensive and integrated approach starts with analyzing a customer’s current posture and practices, establishing a cybersecurity strategy, implementing the strategy, and then providing continuous monitoring and program improvement through our Security Operations Center.


  • Security Program Readiness Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Internal Technical Assessment
  • External Technical Assessment
  • Incident Response
  • Security Awareness Services

Managed Security

  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Managed Detection and Response
  • Firewall Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Security Awareness as a Service

Incident Response

Our team specializes in containing, investigating, and remediating the consequences of a cyberattack. We provide containment/ eradication, which then leads to recovery to establish a “safe network.”

  • Network Architecture
  • Active Directory Strategy
  • Identity Management
  • Workstation installations and imaging
  • Tooling (device baselining)
  • User Awareness Training
  • Server/Application restoration

Establish Cybersecurity Program & Strategy – risk assessment, policy assessment, governance Risk and Compliance assessment, security monitoring, business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

We provide the following resources:

  • DFIR
  • Expertise in all the recovery aspects – network, firewall architecture, systems arch, cloud strategy, etc.
  • Cybersecurity/IR-Subject Matter Expert

We also provide a full suite of Digital Forensics Solutions.

Incident Response

Preferred Partners

Juniper Networks
Palo Alto
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We understand that ensuring safe and sustainable roadways that allow for mobility of goods and services, economic growth, and enhanced quality of life is critical to the success of transportation organizations. At Skyline, we create powerful relationships with key stakeholders and partners to help you build the ITS network of the future.

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We understand that enriching the lives of residents is your mission. That’s why we created Skyline Government Solutions. We help our government clients create “mission aligned” solutions that transform their technology infrastructure to support the delivery of services and safety to enjoy life within your communities.

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We understand the importance of creating a safe and positive learning environment that allows every student to maximize their potential. We help education clients leverage technology to design solutions to meet their unique needs and challenges.

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Public Safety

Public safety consistently ranks among the top priorities and core missions for elected officials and first responder agencies. Forward-thinking leaders are investing in smart public safety technologies to enhance situational awareness that traditional operational models and infrastructure systems cannot provide.
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Support your business objectives with Skyline’s innovative solutions. We create synergy between legacy systems and emerging technologies allowing you leverage your infrastructure without burdening your team’s resources.


Discover how Skyline can help co-create value for your organization.