Skyline Selects RapidDeploy as Their Partner for Delivering Secure Video to Public Safety

BALTIMORE — June 9, 2021 — Today, Skyline Technology Solutions (Skyline) announces they have chosen RapidDeploy for their NG-911 call taker interface. This new partnership enables video integration capability of Skyline’s tens of thousands of managed Claris live video feeds with RapidDeploy’s Radius 911 Tactical Map and Nimbus Cloud Aided Dispatch. This generally available integration will intuitively display available Skyline video feeds in proximity to emergency calls, giving call takers and dispatchers real-time situational awareness. Existing shared customers can immediately access the integration at no cost, simplifying access to real-time video feeds available in their communities today. This partnership brings together the ability for emergency management communities to natively share live data and video for collaborative situational awareness and response.

RapidDeploy also confirms that Skyline has been added as a new Lightning Partner. RapidDeploy’s solutions were built for public safety to enhance situational awareness and with the addition of real-time video feeds from Skyline, situational awareness for the 911 dispatchers just took a leap forward.

“Our customers immediately saw the value of easily accessing real-time video in proximity to 911 calls and quickly realized there were additional video feeds available, however, managing access to those cameras was a significant technical and administrative effort,” said Todd Komanetsky, RapidDeploy’s Vice President of Partnerships Strategy. “Skyline’s demonstrated experience solving this complex problem and vision for the future made them an ideal partner for RapidDeploy.”

Skyline, as a leader in statewide and regional video interoperability management, sought a NG-911 solution to deliver video content to public safety. Today, Skyline enables 15 states, 7 regions and 470 agencies to aggregate and securely share tens of thousands of live video assets with their Claris platform for collaborative real-time situational awareness.

“We needed a solution for our existing customers to intuitively share video feeds with public safety,” said Tom Fusting, Skyline’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. “RapidDeploy’s powerful RadiusPlus platform combined with the company’s long-term vision for delivering modern data to public safety made them the ideal choice for Skyline.”

When seconds matter, the ability for RadiusPlus to automatically display the location of a 911 caller using traditional ANI/ALI location or Advanced Mobile Location data for 911 call takers is essential. Under this exclusive agreement, existing and future Skyline Claris customers will use RadiusPlus to visualize and securely transmit real-time video feeds to public safety answer points correlated to incoming 911 calls. RadiusPlus directly integrates with the 911 telephony system and automatically displays the caller location along with situational data reducing response times and improving outcomes.

Skyline’s Claris Video Interoperability-as-a-Service (VaaS) solves the challenges agencies have with secure interoperability and sharing among a multitude of video sources and video consumers. Claris enables agencies and commercial enterprises to maintain control of who can view their live streams without the need for viewing agencies to connect to their networks or Video Management Systems (VMSs). Claris solves the problem of secure access and aggregation of very low latency video and meta data from varying underlying infrastructures, VMSs, and networks for delivery through a web-based client.


About Skyline
Skyline Technology Solutions is a full-service IT integrator, carrier class network engineering and service provider, enterprise solution provider, and video distribution product developer to transportation, education, and public safety customers. Skyline’s specializations in managed IT solutions, public safety data, video interoperability, and physical security and access control services are currently employed in 17 states. Headquartered in Maryland, Skyline is passionately committed to unlocking value for clients by building trusting relationships that translate to delivering solutions with outstanding customer service. Find out more about Skyline by visiting

About RapidDeploy
RapidDeploy is the industry’s only truly open and integrated emergency response platform, transforming 911 communications centers of any size into data-centric organizations. RapidDeploy achieves new levels of situational awareness and reduces 911 response time by seamlessly integrating third-party data ensuring it is available when, where, and how Telecommunicators and First Responders need it. The company’s cloud-based platform includes analytics, mapping, dispatch, and first responder applications. Learn more visit

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