Say goodbye to the bulky and costly hardware-based video walls and hello to Vero.

Cloud-based video wall management

Imagine a video wall command center that eliminates the need for costly server hardware, maintenance, and energy demands. With Vero, Skyline has transformed the video wall management experience.

Transforming the video wall experience

Share video beyond the command center location. Select modular view grids for multiscreen or singular views. Incorporate other shared content, such as maps, live news, weather, and websites. Operators can also create video tours and control pan-tilt-zoom cameras with impressive precision. Simply drag and drop modular views across a single screen or multiple screens. It’s really that easy.

Features you need, without the hardware

The Vero Video Wall provides you with the ability to:
• Display views through cloud-based video wall management
• Display one video across all the monitors, display a single video on each monitor, or break out each monitor into multiple display layouts for an endless number of possible display combinations
• Display timed tours of multiple video streams (such as moving through a stretch of highway)
• Display robust content, including maps, website, Twitter feeds, and more
• Control PTZ cameras and create a PTZ tour where the camera will move to saved PTZ settings