Public Portal

Providing the public with a real-time situational awareness

Real-time situational awareness

The first portal to allow the public to create their own dashboard of the information that matters to them. Agencies have a great deal of data, and the Public Portal overcomes the challenge of making the data easily useful to each person.

User-defined dashboards

Sharing information with the public is a requirement for today's state and local agencies. The challenge is how to provide only the data that matters to each person. Skyline's Public Portal is a unique dashboard that offers every user the ability to select data and create their own personal portal. The Public Portal uses web widgets to display any data set that can include a map, traffic conditions, live video streams, twitter feeds, events, weather forecast, snow plow data, and more. Skyline will work with you to select and configure what information you would like to provide and then each public user can customize their Public Portal dashboard using the web widgets.

Greater control. Simple administration.

The Public Portal offers the public the best of both worlds: supporting large amounts of data with a personalized experience. It also provide agencies with the ability to administer the Public Portal to control what is displayed so agencies, not vendors, have control. Contact Skyline to start a conversation about how the Public Portal can help your agency provide greater benefits to the public.