Who Is Skyline?

At Skyline Technology Solutions, our mission is to build a more resilient and connected society, and that starts with the people that we hire to join our team. We envision a world in which critical infrastructure connects communities, fosters economic growth, and enables governments to share information to enhance public safety.

We are passionate about our work, and our values are core to who we are and who we are looking to have join our team.

Customer Success: co-creating value for our clients success
Curiosity: understanding the problems facing our customers
Leadership: choosing to do the right thing, even when it is the harder path
Trust and Respect: the foundation for building strong relationships

Accountability: owning our actions, decisions, and results regardless of outcome

Core Responsibilities:.

  • Support the Google Messaging Environment
    • Lead Google Workspace discovery and architecture initiatives in a complex hybrid cloud service provider messaging platform
    • Work in a team of highly skilled engineers and architects to recommend and implement improvements to the service provider platform
    • Handle technical escalations and troubleshooting and resolution efforts for incident response, coordinating with the incident manager, and tier 2 support.
    • Work to plan and execute large migrations into and out of the Google Workspace platform
    • Prepare reports and communicate on the current status and functionality of the platform and supporting applications to internal and external stakeholders
    • Train tier 2 support
  • Review Operational Efficiency
    • Provide and implement recommendations to increase operational effectiveness
      • Utilize the results of monitoring and environment problems to identify opportunities for increasing service levels and resolving issues
    • Identify enhancements and improvements to user functionality
      • Stay abreast of technology advancements, user requirements, and platform improvement opportunities to increase

Education and Experience Requirements

  • College Degree Preferred
  • Experience with Area1 Preferred
  • Experience with AFI Backup Preferred
  • Google Collaboration Engineer Certified
  • G Suite Certification
  • 10 Years of IT Experience, 5 Years in Google G Suite Engineering
  • Senior level proficiency in Google GSuite
  • Senior level proficiency in platform security
  • Experience in complex user data migrations
  • Experience with Google Sites, Hangouts and Google Drive


About Skyline

Skyline Technology Solutions is a full-service IT integrator, enterprise solution provider, and product developer to transportation, education, and public safety customers in federal, state and local, and commercial spaces.

Headquartered in Maryland, Skyline is passionately committed to unlocking value for clients by building trusting relationships that translate to delivering solutions with outstanding customer service. Skylines specializations in managed IT solutions, public safety data, video interoperability, and physical security and access control services are currently employed in 17 states across the U.S. Find out more about Skyline by visiting skylinenet.net.