IT Support for Nonprofits

Helping nonprofits achieve their mission

Your attention focused on your mission

Unplanned IT issues drain productivity and force valuable resources away from your mission and toward IT issues. We understand your need for predictable IT budgeting with flat-rate comprehensive IT Support and IT Management solutions. By partnering together and utilizing our Managed IT Services you can achieve your goals, focus more energy on your core business, eliminate costly downtime, and keep your assets safe and secure. With our flat rate monthly plan, you can put your focus back into your organization instead of worrying over your technology needs.

Does your organization relate to any of the following?

  1. Does your organization suffer from the lack of technology investments: legacy, aging, and unreliable infrastructure?
  2. Do you maintain low overheads to appear cost-effective, often limiting investments in proper IT staffing support and technology upgrades?
  3. Do you experience a lack of technology planning?
  4. Do you have an individual effort leading your IT culture? Are they playing a service role rather than a strategic partnering role?
  5. Do you lack the proper training and ongoing support required to effectively utilize the organization's limited resources?
  6. Are there legacy and/or disparate applications in use leading to employee frustration and staff ineffectiveness?
  7. Is there a lack of visibility around the health of the current infrastructure?
  8. Do you have decentralized data and data storage challenges?
  9. Does your team rely heavily on email processes for team collaboration?
  10. Is there an inconsistent handoff and lack of training associated with technology changes?
  11. Do you have a reliance on specific individuals who has institutional knowledge about the systems?

If these sound like any of the issues your organizations is forced to deal with, let's start a conversation!