Solutions for K-12 Schools

Educators succeeding with IT and Security


Whether the challenge is delivering reliable wireless data connectivity for a school system BYOD/tablet policy or securing the school with IP video surveillance and access control, we provide the latest technology to provide the right solutions. Our team works around the challenges found within school facilities to create ideal solutions in less than ideal spaces.


School systems are facing new challenges today with trying to secure them physically while opening up the educational environment globally via the Internet. Skyline is uniquely positioned to serve the K-12 market with both the technology challenges from the ever-increasing call for more security in the schools and the nearly endless growth in internet usage. Each of these educational environment needs starts with the network and require the right foundation for communication across the LAN and WAN.


Addressing the need for a secure school environment, Skyline provides several leading Video Management systems that allow for managing an entire school system. We have also developed our own product line lead by the Claris Portal to allow for video sharing with law enforcement and other first responders, thus enabling situational awareness when issues are reported within the school. Combining these solutions with integrated access control systems and building intercoms creates the physical security posture needed to protect our children today.

LAN/WAN and wireless solution

Though not a new topic for the K-12 educational environments, the growth of internet usage by the younger generations is placing additional strain on our school networks. Cloud-based educational services and testing requires school system to upgrade their WAN connections and manage multiple upstream Internet circuits. With laptops and tablets being provided today by many school jurisdictions, reliable and secure wireless is driving schools to ensure uniform coverage throughout the school with sufficient bandwidth in each classroom. Let Skyline design the LAN/WAN and wireless solution you need while leveraging e-rate funds to make the upgrade affordable for your school systems.