IT For Higher Education

Delivering comprehensive campus-wide IT solutions

Colleges and universities

Fast, uninterrupted, and secure IT solutions designed to meet the expectations of today’s student body. Your college or university is faced with meeting the ongoing need to expand technology and enhance safety. Our integrated IT and security solutions support your higher education facilities and deliver the services and safety today’s student population requires.

Reliability and security

Colleges and universities have long been pioneers of technology. Today's student lives in an "always connected world" and expects fast and reliable connectivity plus a seamless roaming experience. Digital curriculums, online collaboration, and educational applications can elevate your students' success. Higher education institutions demand secure intelligent networks for BYOD and IoT environments across your campus. When you partner with Skyline, you are choosing a company with a proactive mindset committed to providing your students, faculty and administrators with reliable and secure IT services both inside the classroom and out.

Modern Solutions for modern learning

As the use of technology in higher education increases, supporting a modern learning environment is becoming increasingly difficult. IT departments are turning to proven partners to meet the expectations of:

  • Uninterrupted learning environment even in densely-populated locations such as lecture halls and dorms
  • Engaging visitors with navigation apps
  • Alerting students with real-time push notifications
  • Securing network access via intelligent identity management policies