Drive Change!

First within yourself, then in the world around you

Our Learning and Development Philosophy and Core Programs

To understand Skyline’s Learning and Development Philosophy, you first need to understand Our Vision and Our Values. Our Vision is “To Enrich Lives.” We see our learning and development as investments in the lives of our employees and their family members, our customers, and members of the community. This is a part of our commitment to help people experience the real richness of life.

This Vision and these Values shape everything we do with respect to Learning and Development. Our approach moves well beyond traditional training programs and is driven by our desire to prepare others to serve needs greater than their own, enabling personal and professional growth while building community.

We have chosen to operate under the foundational assumptions that people can grow and that not only is attention to the bottom line and the personal growth of all employees desirable, but the two are interdependent.

Communication Fundamentals

This 2-day program is the centerpiece of our culture. Communications Fundamentals looks at basic lessons in interpersonal interaction and explores why miscommunication is the norm. It’s so habitual, it often goes unrecognized. With this workshop, Skyline focuses on the individual’s personal approach rather than on generic techniques. We invite you to discover your intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and develop new habits that enhance relationships. Workshop participants include our employees, clients, business, and community partners because good communication is fundamental to achieving positive impact.

Cathedral Building for Partners

Cathedral Building for Partners, a 5-seminar program delivered over one calendar year, and modeled on our internal employee development program, is designed to unlock the hidden potential in our partner organizations by preparing them for unknown future opportunities. We do this by equipping them with the tools necessary to become successful drivers of organizational change. Target audience is Executive and Management teams to help them understand themselves and their organizations. We focus on culture, leadership, strategy, systems, structure and core processes in order to optimize their results. These programs are customized to the particular partner organizations.

Leadership Summits

A Summit is the name we gave to our intact work-group annual continuous improvement process, and we offer to help design, plan, and facilitate Summits for other organizations. It is designed for teams that work together every day. The Summit process takes the team through a series of conversations designed to help them build their own change agenda for their team, as a team. We customize the Summit to the needs of the team, and provide facilitation for a set of questions that explores the overall performance of the team in both their operational excellence and their effectiveness in working as a team. Outcomes focus on both operational challenges that the team decides to make and plan for as well as cultural/behavioral changes of the individuals. We include a unique approach to delivering and receiving feedback that is core to Skyline’s culture and continuous improvement philosophy and process.

In addition to these core programs, we are continuously exploring opportunities to develop and deliver Learning and Development experiences that align with our vision and values. We are focused on meeting the needs of our business and our commitment to invest in the individual lives of our employees and their family members, our customers, and members of the community. Our commitment is to help people experience the real richness of life.