Public Safety

Data-Driven Decision Making

Better decisions with better data

Skyline’s solutions support public safety initiatives for transportation, schools, and public spaces by providing the right information to the right people at the right time.

Enhance decision making

Live video feeds hold the potential to offer tremendous situational awareness in a time of crisis. Instead of relying on people to interpret what is going on, your first responders and decision makers will be empowered with live video streams shared via your existing video cameras and video systems (i.e., CCTV, NVR, etc.).

Share video securely

Using Skyline's suite of products, your agency can share live video in a secure, reliable, and highly scalable manner. Sharing live video outside their network continues to be a top challenge for agencies.

Enhance situational awareness

The Claris Portal provides secure access to shared live video streams, incidents, and other optional situational awareness data sources. Operators, such as first responders, can view the Claris Portal from a command center, at their workstation, or en route to an emergency.

Virtual Video Walls

The Vero Video Wall is a virtual video wall that supports video streams, tours of multiple video streams, Twitter feeds, other websites, and additional data sources, all in a single dashboard. Operators can arrange their information using flexible layouts to match a physical wall of monitors or multiple virtual video walls.

Enhance public awareness

The Public Portal is designed to provide situational awareness information to the public and is accessible via a Public Portal website that includes traffic information, active incidents, environmental data, events, weather forecasts, or other customizable information.