Identity Management

Simplify access to your user applications without compromising security

Secure Worldwide User Access ... Simplified

Securely access your applications from any device, at any time, from a single web-based portal. Identity Management can help your organization provide freedom to your staff while maintaining secure locks on your access and information.

Mobility with security

As more services are added to the cloud, users are experiencing the freedom to access applications, data, and other resources from the office, client sites, or literally quite anywhere in the world. However, organizations need to ensure that access to information is kept secure.

One user, one login

Identity Management is a cloud service that serves as the gateway to all other services. Gone are the days when users had separate logins for each application. Identity Management involves one login ID and password [Single Sign On (SSO)] that gives each user access to all their authorized applications. SSO is paired with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which requires users to verify their login through security questions, an approved device, or a passcode.

Increase productivity and security

Together, SSO and MFA allow your users to be more productive while adding an extra layer of security to further protect your business-critical data. Since security is baked into Identity Management by design, your user's authentication starts and stays encrypted, and your organization can benefit from both greater productivity and greater security.