Cyber Security Plan

What you don’t know can hurt you.

Cyber protection plan

A comprehensive cyber protection plan will mitigate your cyber security attacks and vulnerabilities, integrate with your existing policies, and allow your organization to fully realize the benefits of improved productivity and security.

Cyber security approach

We believe the best strategy comes from a deep understanding of your organization’s goals and direction. It’s this knowledge that ensures your plans and policies will reflect the future of your company while also conforming to existing rules, regulations, and laws that may apply today. Our comprehensive cyber security approach establishes your cyber security strategy, implements the strategy, and provides continuous monitoring and program improvement.

Our approach to customizing cyber security plans can be summarized in the following steps:

Training Personnel: Proper cyber security awareness and training of personnel can greatly reduce an organization’s cyber security risk.

Asset inventory: An important part of cyber security is knowing what assets are on your network. This means accounting for authorized and unauthorized hardware and software. Accurate asset management enables an organization to adequately scale technology solutions and provide security controls for relevant assets.

Testing based on guidelines: Our cyber security protection plan will analyze your current state against the relevant CIS Top 20 guidelines. These guidelines provide our clients with both a comprehensive approach to cyber security as well as easy-to-follow insights to the state of your cyber security.

Vulnerability management: We strongly encourage proactive monitoring for network vulnerabilities and timely patching to rapidly remediate identified risks. Skyline’s cyber security approach provides the monitoring and remediation for our client networks.

Availability: IT availability is critical to business operations. Skyline can provide 24x7x365 Network Operation Center services in addition to cyber security services, or as a standalone service. The monitoring is integrated with ticketing and asset management platforms to provide a robust operational tool to effectively manage and repair IT infrastructure.

CIS Controls Top 20

We recognize it as a list of activities that create the foundation for best practices in cyber protection. Through our deep understanding of a client's cyber posture, we are able to recommend the ideal sequence that the client should follow to complete the CIS Top 20 activities.