Agile Development

Business agility delivering customer value

Providing the correct solutions at the correct time

Agile development requires the discipline and flexibility to prioritize, develop, and deliver customer solutions quickly and on budget. We develop solutions in an iterative process to ensure that customers always receive the highest value products and features with each delivery.

Clear consistent communication

Agile development reinforces a core Skyline principle: clear and consistent communication. We prioritize our work to deliver product features that will have the greatest benefit to our customers. We break down features so that each component can be quickly developed, tested, and packaged for release. Because our work is developed as smaller chunks, we can quickly adapt, in other words, be agile, to changing priorities, emerging technologies, and changing markets.

Prioritizing your work to deliver

There are probably as many versions of Agile development as there are practicing organizations. Skyline adheres to the Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprises (SAFe) that outlines the groups and processes necessary to deliver the highest value solutions. Skyline's SAFe implementation describes not just the development team but also the roles and responsibilities from receiving customer input, prioritizing products and features, developing and testing the products, and the various groups needed to package and deliver the products.