Claris Mobile

Live Video Sharing Now Mobile

Enhance situational awareness

Claris Mobile Video is a vehicle-mounted, self-contained, and weatherproof video camera that transmits live video whether the vehicle is stationary or moving. Viewers can now see live video directly from the vehicle for real-time information on traffic, weather, road conditions, or other scenarios requiring situational awareness. Additionally, the Claris Mobile Video is a PTZ camera that remote operators can adjust to view the most helpful video. Applications for Claris Mobile include:

• Mobile Response Units
• Service Patrols
• Portable Trailers
• Fire and Emergency Response Vehicles
• Mobile Command

Mobile live streaming video

The Skyline Claris Mobile video product provides agencies with mobile, remote live streaming video, providing real-time views of incidents and events where there are no fixed mounted cameras or infrastructure to provide surveillance. Now, operators and managers in the operations center have more information available to respond and manage planned and unplanned events.

Remote PTZ Control

Claris Mobile comes with a hardened PTZ camera mounted on a rugged and weatherproof enclosure designed for extreme outdoor environments. Remote PTZ allows the operators to independently and dynamically view, assess, and support the scene, allowing the mobile response or emergency personnel to simply perform their job.

• Live streaming video for situational awareness
• Carrier Modem Options
• Remote PTZ camera control
• Diverse deployment options
• Built-in GPS tracking